Your Christmas Survival Guide

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How can you have a great time without either depriving yourself or putting on lots of weight? This Christmas Survival Guide will give you some ideas for what to avoid and what fabulous healthy and delicious choices you can make in order for you to look good and feel healthy in January!

1. Don’t try to diet over the festive period

Set a maintenance goal instead. This is more realistic and much more achievable. This will give you the freedom to enjoy yourself without the feelings of deprivation or the pressure to rebel…

2. Normal routine tends to go out the window!

However, make sure you don’t forget about yourself and still take the time to plan your food. That way, you will still have the right choices in the house and it will be much easier for you to succeed. If you have a specific health goal, it is a shame to fail just because you don’t have the right foods to hand. This is so easy to avoid just by giving it a few minutes thought and preparation.

3. Don’t go to a party hungry.

If you do, if will be harder to make healthy choices.

4. Take healthy dishes to parties

Remember your healthy food plans?  Eating complex carbohydrates, fruit and vegetables in the colours of the rainbow? Bring some of those dishes for everyone to enjoy!

5. Make good alcohol choices

Avoid creamy or sweet drinks. Try to drink with food as this will reduce the impact of alcohol (and  sugar) on your blood sugar levels.

6. Try and continue with your exercise programme

If your usual classes aren’t running, choose other options instead e.g. brisk walks with friends and family.

7. Be gentle with yourself

If you do happen to overindulge, to enjoy whatever you are indulging in and get back on track afterwards.

8. Drink plenty of water

This will encourage you not to overeat and will also improve how you feel the next day.

9. Watch your portion sizes

particularly fast-release carbohydrates like starchy carbs and sugar.

10. Have fun!




Anything in pastry




Too many roast potatoes

Too many parsnips

Sweet redcurrant jelly


Christmas pudding / cake


Cheese & crackers


Baileys, beer, sweet drinks (including sugary cocktails)

Too many caffeinated drinks like tea or coffee

Fizzy drinks & diet alternatives



Melon & Parma ham


Smoked salmon & salad



Chestnuts (good alternative to stuffing and great as a snack)

2 or 3 roasted new potatoes

Steamed veg (half your plate)


Vanilla ice cream

Cheese & oatcakes (small portion)


Lots of water


Dry wine

Spirits and non-sugary mixers

You’re in charge of what goes in your mouth, not the waiter, or your friends.

By the time you get to the end of the main course you should feel satisfied. Most puddings need to be avoided as they will almost certainly be high in saturated fat and sugar. Fresh strawberries make an ideal end to any meal, but if they are not available, a small portion of vanilla ice cream is OK once in a while. If you’d like an after dinner drink, choose jasmine or peppermint tea, which is great for digestion.

For more details get in touch for a free 30-min chat.

Wishing you and your loved ones a healthy and happy festive season!


I’m Antje, a Registered Nutritional Therapist and Coach. I focus on helping my clients regain their energy and resilience by resolving their digestive issues and hormonal imbalances, helping them manage their weight or providing a foundation for healing an underlying auto-immune disorder.

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