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We are two weeks into 2023.  How are you feeling?  I’m writing this letter to you on Blue Monday, the day many of us really feel the winter blues.  The Christmas lights are gone, the skies are grey and it is cold outside.  We are also beginning to rethink our New Year’s resolutions.  Every year around this time a slight sense of dread used to make its way into my consciousness as I began to realise that my New Year’s resolutions started to evaporate.  

This year, I decided not to make any and I felt liberated!  I wondered if I would be happier if I added something to my life rather than take it away.  So much happens in our minds and hearts because of the way we word things.  I noticed that the words “reducing” or “cutting out” or the various goals I felt I needed to set, caused me stress rather than a positive mindset for the year to come.  

Instead, I decided to adopt words that could be meaningful to me throughout 2023.  I made a list of those that resonated with me and immediately felt uplifted.  They are not exclusive to certain areas of my life but apply to almost all of them.  These are some of the words on my list, in no particular order:

Abundance        Serenity                Intuition              Reset

Gratitude            Health                 Lightness           Beauty

Joy                      Connection          Confidence        Awareness

Peace                 Imagination          Energy                 Love

What words would you choose?  What is coming up for you?  How can you relate it/them for the various areas in your life, such as Job, Fitness, Relationships, Social Life, Family, etc.  Which area of your life would you like to change and what words would be appropriate?  I’m here to guide you to find your theme for this year and maintain it through nutrition and lifestyle.  Click here to set up a free 30-min call.

On another note, I now have a second clinic on Wednesdays at The Back Room Chiropractic in Twyford, Berkshire and I am very excited about this next step!  I will continue seeing clients at Wimpole Therapeutics as well as online.


I’m Antje, a Registered Nutritional Therapist and Coach. I focus on helping my clients regain their energy and resilience by resolving their digestive issues and hormonal imbalances, helping them manage their weight or providing a foundation for healing an underlying auto-immune disorder.

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